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 Terminators Clan Rules 

1. Respect all players at all times. – Respect admins and clan leadership.
2. Respect all other Terminators members. If you have a problem with a Member, please contact a Admin.
3. All clan members must wear their Terminators tags at all times and have the relevant Terminators emblem equipped. Failure to do so may result in being kicked from the clan.
4. Terminators members are only allowed to be a member of one clan. Should you wish to join us, you will need to leave your previous clan. If you are a member and join another clan, please inform us you are leaving and the reason so that we can improve one what might be amiss.
5. No disrespectful acts, hate speech or racism!
6. Communication in Whatsapp/ Messenger groups must be kept gaming related. We will not tolerate any inappropriate videos or images. Anyone posting them will be removed from the group or kicked from clan.
7. No Terminators members may engage in or start confrontations.
8. All clan members are to leave management of the players to the online admins/ Founders/ Team Leader , and all members must respect all players on any server they play on. This means NO swearing, insults, or other misconduct. Any clan member found to be disrespecting players will be kicked from the clan, and / or banned.
9. Any members of Terminators caught hacking/ boosting in any will be kicked from the clan. Any clan members suspected of hacking will be monitored by the clan leadership. We will not tolerate hackers in our clan.
10. All clan members are required to be in Teamspeak or Discord during gameplay with fellow clan members and you are required to ask in Teamspeak/ Discord game chats if anyone wants to join in the certain game.. Should it be that No one replies to your game request, @Clan Leader will allow you to not be in Discord chat, provided no one else responds to your request. We as a clan promote gaming on a competitive and social level and would like to see clan members communicating with each other within games. Please ask the @Team Leader Or Team Co Leader in meeting other players should you need assistance.

Here are some rules to follow while you are on Discord or Teamspeak with us

1. Be respectful to one another and treat everyone how you would like to be treated. We will not tolerate people picking on each other, you will be banned.
2. If a member asks you to stop talking about a topic, please respect their views.
3. If an admin gives you rights to , permissions, etc. Then it is strictly forbidden to give this to others.
4. Have fun and enjoy yourself!